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After four days in Lisbon it is time to go. Actually, it was time to go yesterday. Maybe the day before.

I did get some pretty great pics though.



I cant say that anywhere else I´ve been particularly reminds me of this place, but if I find another place like it, I will know that two days is enough. To be fair, there are some nice landmarks worth seeing, and well, they do speak a touch of English. I find other than that I just dont fit it, nor do I have the urge to try. I´ve caught up on some much needed reading though, and for you law/suspense readers out there...Baldacci is every bit as good as Grisham. Also, [/u]A walk in the Woods[u] by Bill Bryson...super funny.
I´m not sure what else to say about this place. Sure are a lot of fellas from Morocco trying to pawn off their merchandise though-- i.e. pot, hash, cocaine, fake watches, etc, and there are lots of people holding out plastic cups too.
Maybe I am just ready to go to Lagos, perhaps the thoughts of sandy beaches and a drastically lower population has gotten to my head. I will be there tomorrow, and hopefully with great things to say.

Here is just a preview of Lagos...

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The Festival of Las Fallas

We knew the Festival in Valencia was supposed to be a damn sweet thing to see, but wow, we didn´t expect it to be like this. Go ahead and picture the club on a super packed night...shoulder to shoulder, smoke, and mass drinking...Ok, now multiply that by a million and blow the top off the building. That´s the scene at 2pm on any given day during the week long Fallas Festival. It is the celebration of Spring, which basically amounts to celebrating the 4th of July for a week straight. Kicked off by a mega fireworks display and noise rivaling a Pantera concert, the city shuts down for a mid day party. Drinking in the streets, no problem. For this week the motto must be ¨It´s noon somewhere.¨ Although I wish we could have stayed longer than a day, I just dont know how we would have survived it, or made it out with all of our belongings.


The city is also bursting with huge Floats at every street corner, each depicting, usually in satirical fashion, a piece of history or current event worth acknowledging. The floats, some costing upwards of a million dollars all have the same fate though...a death by flame to cap the festival off in style. What an expensive pile of ash.
Thinking that the festivities were done for the day, our next plan was to sober up and find the train station. We were wrong. ¨A bull fight, why not?¨ All week long starting at 5pm, several bulls are offered up each day to entertainment the people. There was no way we were going to miss this. It turned out being exactly what we expected, and we were happy to see it.

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More Barca

What were we thinking? Another half inch of tread off the boots, and perhaps the same amount of added muscles on the ol legs, we finally figured out that indeed the metro in Barcelona works, and for a fairly decent price. Of course, our long meandering treks throughout the city did provide us with views unattainable from the underground and an easier time dozing off at night, but many hours were killed with little else in mind than our destinaton. Truth be told though, every second was enjoyable. Although I´m sure Johnny and I did not see everything this city has to offer--how could you?--we saw a lot, and really, I don´t think we could have seen much more given the time we were here. It´s unreal how many amazing landmarks this place has, any of which would stand out in Moscow, making even it a destination.
Not only has Barcelona proven to be a great place for an extended stay because of what it has to offer, but also because what can be found just a short distance from it. Only thirty miles to the Northwest is Montserrat, an old monestary which sits upon a major outcropping of rocks, above a friendly village. Looking as if built right into the stone, the old buildings stand high with windows in all directons offering an amazing view for those who gaze through.

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We made it. A long flight into Frankfurt, a short stop in Paris, and an overnight train ride later, we arrived in Barcelona.

An unbelievable city after just two days of being here, many travels await, but what a great place to start. We got into a nice little apartment just ten minutes from the beach and only a thirty minute walk from la Rambla.
There is much to do here, and even more to see. We have already made it to the beaches, seen the surfers and the been exposed to the live and let live way of life. People here are the nicest we´ve met, and the weather...I do not miss Moscow. We are headed to the Picasso museum later today, but for now, we´re just finally getting adjusted. A cold, yet nice shower and a full stomach are just two things that give me peace away from home. Friends and family are missed, but hopefully they too will be rewarded after seeing some pictures. Very soon will this site be full of them, but only after I see it through my own eyes.
Talk to you soon.

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